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Northeast Ohio Precast was founded in 2017 by owner, Tony McCoy, after spending several years in the construction industry.  He began his career in 1998 at a small precast concrete company as a laborer where he learned hands-on the importance of hard work.  Working full-time there as a laborer, he pushed himself to earn a BSAS in Civil Engineering at Youngstown State University.  After graduating from YSU, he worked for a large general contractor, estimating projects as small as fire stations to as large as multi-million dollar wastewater treatment facilities.  He's been on both sides, supplier and  contractor. He knows the frustration as a contractor when you can't get an answer about where the materials are and you're left in the dark.  He also knows the benefit of having a great supplier on your side who is always available.

In 20 years, Mr. McCoy obtained a lot of valuable information.  Not only the knowledge of how to do certain things but more importantly how NOT to do things.  He understands that great results occur when people work as a team; that becoming a leader in anything is earned, not demanded. That is why Northeast Ohio Precast is becoming the leader in precast hard work, determination, and the competitive spirit to never be outdone by our competitors.

"I believe a company is only as good as its people...we invest in our employees because the better they are, the greater we become."

                                                                      - Tony McCoy, Founder

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